Celebrating the Little Wins, Lead us to the BIG WINS!!! be thankful celebrate congratulate others gratitude self awareness Feb 15, 2023

Celebrating the Little Wins, Lead us to the BIG WINS!!!

Celebrate daily. Every living, breathing day we have here on this Earth should be a celebration. 

Why not? 

Too many of us...

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'The Back Of The Line' Mindset believe breakthrough mindset confidence keep going perserverance persistence self confidence Jan 11, 2023

'The Back of the Line'

Have you ever felt like you are at the complete back of the line? Have you ever felt like others favor isn’t fair? Yeah we all have. Trust me.

You might be going...

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GIVE 329 HIGH FIVES acceptance appreciation encouragement improve your environment motivate others motivation positive communication Dec 31, 2022


Undersized South African born kid growing up in small town Victoria, British Columbia, not usually the recipe for a 2 time NBA MVP. 

Actually never even close to the...

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