Celebrating the Little Wins, Lead us to the BIG WINS!!!

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Celebrating the Little Wins, Lead us to the BIG WINS!!!

Celebrate daily. Every living, breathing day we have here on this Earth should be a celebration. 

Why not? 

Too many of us get caught up in the mindset of not feeling like we deserve to celebrate. But deserving isn’t a term that is up for us to decide. We are given gifts, not earned, not deserved, given. And to not celebrate would be like saying ‘hey, I’m not really thankful for my heart being able to beat, having clean water to drink and not having to hike 14 miles both ways just to get it.’ 

I’m not saying it has to be an all out festival celebration, but you can celebrate every single day.

What if you did this: celebrate your spouse in something they did in their job each day, celebrate your kids and a homework assignment they completed or a book they began to read, celebrate your friends and knowing they always have your back in any situation, celebrate yourself in the run you went on this afternoon, the options are endless. And they all are small, very small in the eyes of what the world thinks a celebration needs to be. This doesn’t have to be the most elaborate bar mitzvah or college graduation extravaganza, but it is something that was positive and something positive is worth celebrating! 

The little wins bring big wins. 

Watson and Crick. Heard of them? Maybe, maybe not. DNA. Heard of that? Sure you have, well they discovered it. The reason we know about DNA strands and how they operate is because of these two ‘before their time’ thinkers. 

Struggling to find his way in the world, Francis Harry Compton Crick bounced around from job to job, career path to career path, until he met an American student, James Watson, at the Laboratory of Cambridge. It was a match made in heaven, well kind of. The two put their brains together on a mission to find out the answer of why humans are the way they are. The structure of deoxyribonucleic acid was the answer. Aka, the DNA model.

However, getting to the finish line was not one without mountain sized hurdles to cross. Watson and Crick experienced ups and downs on the roller coaster ride from the moments of thinking they had a breakthrough to moments of depression and feeling like they should give up. The highs and lows were monumental. Until they decided that they were going to celebrate the little wins they had each day. Regardless if the day felt like a complete waste and everything was ‘hair on fire’ moment, they were going to find something small to celebrate. Watson and Crick embraced the little wins.  They experienced the phenomena of progress.  The more frequently people experience that sense of progress, the more likely they are to be creatively productive in the long run.

In April 1953, Watson and Crick birthed their new discovery to the world:  a molecular structure of DNA, the double helix. This set the stage for the increased advances in molecular biology and the standard that is still used to this day. Their genius model served to explain how hereditary information is coded on it.  And the thing only Watson and Crick knew, more than likely this life altering discovery would have never happened if they hadn’t embraced the celebrate the small wins daily approach.

Now you might not end up winning the Nobel Prize like Watson and Crick did, but you can have an impact on this world beyond your wildest dreams. We all have the opportunity in our hands daily to change lives, it can be on a large scale or something as small as helping others celebrate the little wins in their lives. This perspective alone can change someone's life. Just like it did for Watson and Crick. Shoot, it could even alter your DNA.


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