Eliminate the IMPOSTER Syndrome! change your state choice confidence pivot pivot mindset self awareness self doubt thoughts Mar 22, 2023


Eliminate the IMPOSTER Syndrome!

One of the most crippling truths is that we all suffer to some extent from imposter syndrome. We wake up every morning with self-doubt, the thought that...

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Why Getting NERVOUS is a GOOD Thing!! breakthrough confidence confidence embrace your nerves nervous positive self talk preparation public speaking Mar 09, 2023

Why Getting NERVOUS is a GOOD Thing!!

More people fear public speaking than they do dying.


How crazy is that?! I’ll answer that, crazy. Absurd even!

Top Phobias

  1. Public...
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'The Back Of The Line' Mindset believe breakthrough mindset confidence keep going perserverance persistence self confidence Jan 11, 2023

'The Back of the Line'

Have you ever felt like you are at the complete back of the line? Have you ever felt like others favor isn’t fair? Yeah we all have. Trust me.

You might be going...

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