Eliminate the IMPOSTER Syndrome!

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Eliminate the IMPOSTER Syndrome!

One of the most crippling truths is that we all suffer to some extent from imposter syndrome. We wake up every morning with self-doubt, the thought that 'maybe we're just not good enough.' Or that we 'don't deserve our current job.'  We all have it, we all feel it. It's real. 

It's a fact we have over 50,000 self talk thoughts per day. 80% of those are negative thoughts! Think about that, 40,000 negative self talk thoughts flowing through your brain on a daily basis. That's super deflating to hear!! But there is good news. We can erase this self doubt for good! And how do we do it you ask?  Simply by using your HANDS. 

The best tool you have is one that you always have. And that is your hands. They are with you at all times, they are the hands that use physical tools like a hammer or a wrench, so why not use those same hands also be the mental tools to pry your mind out of the death grip of self doubt!

1% Action Step:

The Foggy Mirror
Every morning after waking up, you will walk past a mirror at some point. When you get to this mirror, simply stop and watch yourself make the motion with your hands like you are 'wiping away the fog' on the mirror. This imaginary fog on the mirror represents the self doubt in which you live in. Wipe this fog clear and the self doubt will turn into true self awareness confidence. Pivot the mindset of living in 80% negative self talk thoughts to living in 80% positive self talk thoughts. 

The choice is yours! It's the superhero power that we all have: choice. 
Now you have the tool you can implement every morning to get rid of that annoying and useless imposter syndrome! So go do it and get 1% better today!!


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