'The Back Of The Line' Mindset

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'The Back of the Line'

Have you ever felt like you are at the complete back of the line? Have you ever felt like others favor isn’t fair? Yeah we all have. Trust me.

You might be going through a season (or years) of feeling like you are in a pit you can’t climb out of. You can’t catch a break, you become swallowed up by the ‘line’ of life. It’s very easy to give up. But the easy road never leads to the fruitful road.

You won’t be at the back of the line your entire life if you keep GOING and keep BELIEVING! God specializes in the art of taking the faithful from the back of the line and putting them to the front. Your favor is coming, your break is coming. But not if you decide to box yourself in. We feel like we’re constantly David Copperfield trying to escape a small plastic box, but the real magic is understanding there was never a box around you in the first place.

Forever 21 founder Do Won Chang worked as a janitor, gas station attendant, and in a coffee shop when he first moved to America.

Starbucks founder Howard Schultz grew up in a housing complex for the poor.

Oracle's Larry Ellison dropped out of college after his adoptive mother died and held odd jobs for eight years.

Leo DiCaprio, one of the biggest names in Hollywood, grew up in a drug-torn part of Los Angeles, while Oscar-winner Halle Berry slept in a homeless shelter during her early acting career.

Your front of the line moment will come, but only if you believe it will!! BREAKTHROUGH is coming!


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