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The Next Level Club

See how much self-growth you will achieve within one year of our proven personal development program.


The Next Level Club is a personal development group that provides individuals with actionable tools and accountability to help individuals grow personally, professionally, spiritually and physically.


  • Millionaire Masterminds - top teachers in all different success areas come in and teach
  • 30+ and bonus teaching videos
  • First Access To Adventure is Calling Experiences (capped at 50 people)
  • Half Off Pricing for Adventure is Calling Experiences
  • Two 75 min Zoom Coaching Calls per month
  • One of the TWO is a roundtable 75 min Zoom Call Recap and Q&A
  • Total of 2 Zoom Calls per month- calls are on Mondays.
  • Discord Community Group - Powerful Community (amazing connections, relationships, and business partnerships have developed here)



Program features

  • Building Personal Mission Statement, Vision, Goals...

  • Building Powerful Billion Dollar Network Building

  • Unshakeable Confidence and Mindset

  • Building Your Body To Become Unkillable!

  • Building Yourself as a Warrior - Brave and Able to Take on Any Challenge!

Why Choose The Next Level Club

  • David Nurse a transformative leader in the growth and development space. His teachings
    have helped over 175 NBA players, 85 executives and thousands of people just like you unlock their greatness
  • Graham Nelson is a business leader who saw what he thought were his dreams come
    crashing down, only to realize that those dreams weren’t even right in the first place. He
    helped turn a 15 million dollar company into a $150M (and growing) in three years
  • The two of them have learned through hardship, failure and experience what true success
    looks like (hint it isn’t always a big number in a bank account, but that doesn’t hurt)
  • David and Graham will guide you through a journey to help you achieve YOUR dreams with
    lessons from failure, accountability of teammates, and REAL ACTIONABLE TOOLS AND


Cost: $249/month

Club Members get first access and discounts to the "Adventure is Calling" Masterminds

You will be more driven mentally and physically, better in your business, stronger in your relationships and clearer in your mission and goals – all with mindset tools in your back pocket even the top NBA players and CEO's don't possess!