What if you could achieve your five year goals in in just ONE year?


The Next Level Club is a personal development group for growth-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. Led by mindset coach David Nurse and business leader Graham Nelson, this group is designed to accelerate your personal, professional, spiritual, and physical growth with actionable tools, interactive workshops, and expert accountability.

The mission is simple - collapse time, create results, and deliver a RETURN ON LIVING!

If you aren’t familiar with who we are, or what we do - watch this quick video explaining how we help people remove their mental barriers to help them take action toward achieving their goals.

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The Next Level Club is set up to help you WIN in all aspects of life.


It starts with what I call ROL. Return on Living… Everyone talks about ROI… Return on Income. Buts thats just one piece of the puzzle.

The only way to fully live the life you want and were created to live is to dominate the 4 pillars of ROL:

✅ Unshakable Mindset

✅ Physical Optimization

✅ Business Impact

✅ Spiritual Purpose


There has never been a coaching group like this created. 


Most are cookie cutter - watch these videos and do the same thing everyone else is told to do. But you are different than everyone else.  You are unique. Your roadmap shouldn't be the same as someone else's.


That is what the Next level club specializes in - helping you create a strategic action plan road map that is CUSTOMIZED for you in order to build a FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL, SUSTAINABLE, and WIDLEY IMPACTFUL business give you the tools you need to be able to build a powerful network, create a strategic vision, develop a high value brand, tell your personal story, have grit and unshakeable confidence, create a life plan and mission, fully optimize the only body and mind you will ever have, and ultimately know what to do with the money, success, and impact you create...


We do this through a powerful community - as community and is the ONLY way to scale and grow and at the end of the day humans were created to live in community!


I have yet to see someone who put in the work that we teach in the next level club and NOT exceed their goals coming in. It’s that powerful, but you will have to do the work. I lead the coaching sessions, so I will make sure you are successful.


But here is what it comes down to. Do you believe in yourself? Do you care enough about your future to invest in who you are becoming? Or do you think life success will just happen to you.


The greatest investor of all time Warren Buffet famously said ‘the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.’


Need I say more?

It's time to reach your next level.


Whether it’s NBA athletes, or individuals that I met at book signings - I can tell you that there is one thing nearly every individual has in common…


Sound familiar?

Worse yet - they tell themselves that they are willing to do “anything”...

They buy the courses, join the groups, and travel to the events - only to be left with EMPTY PROMISES, A LACK OF ACTION, and ultimately MORE TIME SPENT WITHOUT SUCCESS!

I get it…and simply put - I’m on a mission to CREATE CHANGE!

Since starting the NEXT LEVEL CLUB, I’ve helped over 3000 members achieve SUCCESS in record time…


Here are just a few of the epic results:

  • A Real estate company that launched with $3.6m in revenue
  • A personal coaching business that went from 0 clients to 33 clients in just a few months
  • A brand new coffee company launched with rapid growth in the Pacific Northwest
  • My client landed a MAJOR D1 college basketball assistant coaching job
  • A speaking career was launched, and instantly produced over 300k/year in talks
  • My client started a BILLION dollar financial fund, created a mastermind, and moved his family into their dream home
  • We helped start a clothing client and a podcast this now reaching over 30k individuals per episode

"I would not be where I’m at in life right now if I didn’t get to work with you and really pivot in working toward my passion and purpose versus living life day-to-day and just trudging along."

- Shane Youngerman


"This experience far exceeded my expectations, from the community, to the accountability, to being able to make changes in my life that have impacted me both personally and professionally. I cannot thank you enough, David."

- Brandi Najm


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The NEXT LEVEL CLUB has identified 10 very specific roadblocks that are holding most people back from the success they desire:

1. No sense of purpose or direction

2. Struggling to set and achieve goals
3. Isolated and scared to make meaningful connections
4. Lacking access to opportunities that can propel your career or business forward
5. Battling self-doubt and imposter syndrome
6. Struggling to maintain a positive mindset in the face of challenges
7. Lack of motivation and low productivity
8. Low energy, frequent health issues, and bad sleep
9. Intimidated at the thought of new challenges
10. Fearful of rejection and life’s adversities


Do any of these sound familiar??

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t personally gone through all 10 myself…

In fact - the TRUTH is that I’m an average kid from the middle of nowhere, Iowa.

  • I did NOT attend a prestigious college… 
  • I did NOT grow up in a privileged family with any sort of money or wealth… 
  • And I most certainly was not gifted with any talents, confidence, or physical gifts

But when I uncovered that my SUCCESS was a direct RETURN ON LIVING from my actions….EVERYTHING CHANGED!

Listen to what some of the top coaches, speakers, authors, thought leaders in the world have to say about the Next Level Club:

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Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

If you have read this far, please consider this your personal invite to join me in the NEXT LEVEL CLUB.


I have recently opened 5 more spots in this exclusive group…


…for individuals that truly want to WIN…


Hear more directly from people who have WON BIG by being a part of the Next Level Club:

"This is my first time doing a personal development class and I am loving it! Bi-monthly meetings are perfect, and I am getting so much out of the monthly topics, especially The Power of Connections and Time Control. I already notice a difference in my confidence and productivity!"

Luke Voelker


“David has me thinking differently about my business and goals and is challenging me to take everything to the next level. I’m moving at different levels and paces now because of the Breakthrough Squad sessions. Thank you David!”

 - TK LaFleur 



Commitment - you are prepared to commit yourself to TAKING ACTION


We don’t just let anyone into this group…we recognize that pursuing your goals while surrounded by the RIGHT crew is ESSENTIAL to your success - if you aren’t committed to actually taking action - please don’t apply


To be a part of The Next Level Club you should:


  • Want to create a successful life by serving others
  • Have a bigger calling than money, toys or a fancy title.
  • Know that what you have to give can and will impact others in a positive way
  • Be willing to be open and vulnerable about your mistakes
  • Be open to taking constructive feedback that will push you emotionally
  • Be a team player–whats good for one is good for all of us.
  • Want to see other people win

If this sounds like you, keep reading…

When I look around the industry, I see a lot of “hype” being promoted…

I refuse to let the NEXT LEVEL CLUB be a part of the typical industry BS…

This is NOT a place where we will do things “traditionally”



  • Watch cookie cutter videos
  • Everyone has the same plan of action
  • Listen to a 30 min recorded talk


  • Customized strategic action road map for YOUR success
  • Everyone has their own goals, their own blueprint, while achieving success with a high powered, high performing community!
  • Two LIVE 75 min Zoom call sessions per month!
  • Millionaire Masterminds every quarter- the TOP Speakers/Thought Leaders in specific areas LIVE! (Incredible access)



  • Building a genuine and impactful network
  • Learning how to create and tap into confidence in any situation
  • Creating systems in your life that drive consistency and growth


You will use this for the rest of your life! Less than 2cents per day (if you have 50 years of life remaining!)
The ROI - 100X that without a doubt!
Click here to join the Next Level Club!

Here’s how it works:


When you join The Next Level Club, you’ll immediately be enrolled in our interactive webinars, workshops, community, and curriculum. Here’s what you’ll be added to:

  • Two 75-minute live Zoom coaching calls, where we answer your questions and help you past your stuck points.
  • One round table discussion where we discuss the current month’s topic.
  • A powerful Discord community group to make connections, form relationships, grow through struggles, and develop business partnerships with likeminded individuals.
  • A 12-month course that will help you achieve your success within 1 year. Each month covers a different topic designed to take you to the Next Level:
    • Finding Your Mission
    • Unshakeable Confidence
    • Building a Power Network
    • Time Management - Become More Efficient
    • Operating Rhythm and Routines
    • Building Your Treasure Map
    • Leadership - From Top CEO’s and NBA Coaches
    • Storytelling - From Top Speakers Worldwide
    • Building and Being the Original You
    • The 12 Principles of Success
    • Bionic Body-Biohacking
    • Sleep, Nutrition, and Training 

Other courses give you a library of videos, a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and leave you to figure it out—and that’s how you end up exactly where you started.

In The Next Level Club, we give you everything you need achieve your success, with a personalized plan and expert accountability. Our coaches are committed to creating a safe and encouraging space where you can explore your goals, challenges, and ambitions.

Here’s what you get when you join:

  • Your own personal blueprint (a personal roadmap to your success, because no person is the same)
  • Millionaire Masterminds: A collection of 12 presentations from industry leaders on each Next Level topic (from some of the top personal development voices, like Ed Mylett, Alan Stein, and more)
  • Lifetime access to:
    • All content and teachings
    • Recordings of all coaching calls and round table discussions
    • Personal scripts to use in business and networking
    • Over 20 hours of video content covering our personal development topics

Quick Recap…


To achieve personal and professional growth, we believe you must master how to create and tap into confidence, build a genuine network, and be consistent with your actions. This will lead anyone to live a life with intent and meaning while creating tangible outcomes like increased financial earnings, becoming in shape and healthy, and building a brand that allows you to help others grow alongside you.


Click here to join the Next Level Club


Meet your Next Level coaches!


David and Graham will guide you through a journey to help you achieve YOUR dreams with lessons from failure, accountability of teammates, and **real actionable tools and systems.**

The two of them have learned through hardship, failure and experience what true success looks like (hint: it isn’t always a big number in a bank account, but that doesn’t hurt).


David Nurse is an NBA life optimization coach, bestselling author, and worldwide motivational speaker.

As a former professional basketball player (both international and domestic) and coach for the Brooklyn Nets, David has helped more than 175 NBA players with their personal and professional development both on and off the court. He has been invited to speak in more than 50 different countries on the topics of overall personal development, confidence building, leadership, and motivational growth.

In the professional world, David has helped over 85 executives and thousands of people just like you unlock their greatness.

Now, he’s bringing and expertise for you to access in The Next Level Club. No matter what your situation is, David is confident that you’ll achieve success under his guidance.

Graham Nelson is a business leader who saw what he thought were his dreams come crashing down.

Only to then realize those weren’t even his real dreams in the first place.

After joining The Next Level Club as as student. He helped turn a 15 million dollar company into a $170M (and growing) in three years.

Now, Graham is dedicated to your success in the Next Level Club, offering his insight into business, entrepreneurship, Accountability, Leadership and helping you develop and achieve your personal success.

Curious what mentorship under David and Graham looks like?

Get the free webinar recording.

In this webinar recording, David Nurse shows you how to create your own mission, vision, and goals, along with advice for creating your network.


Frequently Asked Questions


The Next Level Club is set up to help you WIN in all aspects of life. JOIN TODAY!


  • Two 75-minute live coaching calls per month ($5,000 value)

  • One round table live team discussion per month

  • Personalized “Blueprint” Roadmap of Success, tailored to your specific goals and dreams

  • Powerful community of driven individuals, where iron sharpens iron daily, connections and relationships form, and business partnerships are born

  • Monthly learning videos in the Next Level portal ($2,500 value)

  • Monthly selected podcast & books directed for your growth

  • Monthly video recordings of the TOP tycoons in each area of the 12 Successes ($2,500 value)

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to coaching call and round table discussion recordings, all teachings, personal scripts, and over 20 hours of videos

  • 24/7 email support from David Nurse Inc. Team

  • [GUARANTEE] 100%, no-questions-asked refund when you pay in full up-front. Refund limited to 3 months when you pay month-to-month.

  • Payment plans available. 

  • You will use this for the rest of your life! Less than 2cents per day (if you have 50 years of life remaining!) The ROI - 100X that without a doubt!

Click here to join the Next Level Club - $5000 for an ENTIRE year