Lessons Learned From Three of the Top Sports Coaches in the World!

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My good friend Jon Gordon lined up a dinner with three of the top 3 coaches in all of sports. 

One is an NFL Champion Head Coach

One is a Multiple-time Champion NBA Head Coach

One is known as being one of the pioneers that transcended the way the game of football is played...

3 of the absolute best!  Without question, without debate.


Here are some of the main takeaways I had: 

**All 3 brought a notebook and took notes on what the others were saying. The entire night…

**All 3 OOZED passion for not just making great players and great teams - but for making great people and great cultures!

**All 3 talked about the LOVE of the process, the JOY in the journey! 


The Trendsetter Coach -

Two very important points:

Early in our lives we seek validation and importance. Later in life we only care about serving others and impact on others.

Practice at a tempo that is faster than the game. Makes the game seem slow and easy.  If everyone else is doing something, go the opposite way. 


The NFL Champ

Three Very Important Points:

Connecting with individual players on an individual personal level: Not just saying 'good job’ - but really giving detailed encouragement showing that he sees them and he appreciates them. 

No ‘scheduled’ meetings- just IN REAL LIFE time- training room hang outs, locker room, the real convos..

Not about the trophy - won the SB title and felt empty. Realized there is a much bigger picture. Serve others and serve Jesus!


The NBA Champ

Three Very Important Points

Once again, the trophy will never fulfill. Almost quit coaching all together. Realized that its much bigger than any result. Playing for a bigger purpose- a purpose to SERVE. 

Allow players to be who they are:  They tell players ‘dont apologize for who you are.’ You can apologize for what you do if you act of line, but you can always be YOU!

Practices are intense and super competitive - but quick. Has learned to be a human around his players - not always uptight, not always a bulldog face, has learned how to ‘not take himself so serious’ - humanized himself with players and ALWAYS ALLOWS DOOR TO BE OPEN TO PLAYERS!


And there you have it - three of the best coaches in all of sports and three of the best leaders of men in the world. 

See any trends there?

The 'trophy won't fulfill' and SERVE other for a bigger purpose than yourself! 



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