Why Do 99% of Us Focus on Our Weaknesses??

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Why Do 99% of Us Focus on Our Weaknesses??

We are not our weaknesses. Get that through your head right now. As much as the world will tell you that you are who you are at your worst, you’re not. Right here today, that narrative stops. Dead in its tracks. 

We are our STRENGTHS. We all have different God given strengths for a reason, so that we can put together our different strengths to create the ultimate team. Our weakness are what I like to call a ‘compliments wish list’

Think about this question: Why did Superman get boring? 

Why did the creators have and have to constantly add in feathers: laser eyes, or orange, green, blue, and every color under the planet of Krypton type of Kryptonite?? Because he didn't have a weakness. He was too well rounded, he got boring. 

We aren’t Superman. We don’t want to be Superman. 

We have a strength, a focus, a mission we are on. 

But if we live in the ‘well I can’t make it because I don’t have this strength or that strength.’  NO!!! You can’t make it because you decide you can’t make it. Instead of worry about what we don't have, focus on what we do have and find others who you can surround yourself with and team up together to create the ultimate team!

Any wonder why the Superman movies at the box office always flop? And the Avengers series is one of the top grossing series in the all time history of movies? Yeah, I think you understand why.


Right now, right here, this very moment write down your TOP 3 strengths. 

Might just be one glaring strength or 3 very even strengths. But no more than 3. 

Now put those strengths written down on your fridge, somewhere you will see it MULTIPLE times daily. This is going to serve as a subconscious reminder that you are your strengths, not your weaknesses.


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