What Seems Like an Accident Just Might Be YOUR Breakthrough!

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What Seems Like an Accident Just Might Be YOUR Breakthrough!

Does it ever feel like you just cant seem to catch a break? 

I’ll answer that for you if you are holding back and not being honest, YES!!! 

We all feel it, we all want the breakthrough with a radiant shimmering light to come down on us and sweep us off our feet. 

Let me tell you, that will never happen. Ever. 

Breakthroughs happen when we least expect them and in the least expected places to find them… 

What seems like and accident could just be your biggest breakthrough waiting to happen… 

The year was 1946, WWII had just ended and a guy by the name of Perry Spencer was looking for a solution to a problem. He was a Raytheon engineer and he needed to think of a solution for alternate uses to the magnetron (a high powered vacuum shaped tube that generates streams of electrons with a magnetic force)

In his pocket was his snack for the day, a chocolate bar. But what Perry didn’t realize as he turned on the magnetron is that his chocolate bar was within range and quickly melted into his pocket. A damper to the day for sure, now he would have to change pants and the pants themselves were most likely ruined...

BREAKTHROUGH! That melting chocolate bar on his work pants led to the discovery of the microwave! Perry Spencer accidentally discovered the microwave. Talk about a tasty breakthrough to say the least!

There are many stories like this, accidents leading to breakthroughs. Did you know in 1870 Thomas Adams was looking for a replacement for rubber while messing with sap in South America to see if that could be the fix. Instead of a replacement for rubber, he discovered chewing gum! (I sure hope that doesn’t mean we are chewing rubber when we open a pack of bubblicious!) 

Point being, breakthroughs occur when we least expect them and come as a gift rarely ever wrapped the way we expect it to be. We ultimately have two options: sit and wait for the breakthrough to occur or GO MAKE IT HAPPEN!  And that’s the true breakthrough, the knowledge and skill of ‘making it happen!’


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