What Does the Word PIVOT Actually Mean??

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What Does the Word PIVOT Actually Mean??

It’s been thrown around a lot in 2020, I use it all the time of course, but it has become a sort of buzz word for the year. 

But what actually is a pivot?

It is actually a basketball term believe it or not. It’s a term used when the player with the ball can’t see the hoop, can’t see anything but defenders blocking their way. And then, all of a sudden, they slightly turn (very small turn, not a big drastic turn) - A PIVOT- and everything opens up! 

Sound similar to 2020 and what we are hoping 2021 becomes? 

Yeah, I’d say so. 

Now how can we assure that 2021 isn’t a STUCK-in-the-mud year like 2020 was? 
Simple, here’s how!


Write down your ‘big out of this world crazy dream goal’ for 2021. Make it super specific, make it BIG!! Now I want you to write that dream goal down and put it on your bathroom mirror, your fridge, and in your wallet. Seriously, do it. It will be with you everyday multiple times per day. Its not a resolution, those suck. This is a SPECIFIC GOAL! 


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