The ULTIMATE Morning Routine!

morning routine planning preparation schedule time management workout Apr 18, 2023

My ULTIMATE Morning Routine

Want to know how I CONQUER my day? It all starts with my morning routine. And this is EXACTLY what I do!



6:00am - (wake up) Normally I wake up about 5-10 minutes before my alarm goes off as my circadian rhythm is naturally on the same exact go to sleep and rise schedule 

6:03am - I walk past my bathroom mirror and do the ‘foggy mirror’ exercise - I do the action of using my hands to wipe away the fog (self doubt) on the mirror.  Now I am in my self-confidence mindset and I know I don’t have to live the day in self doubt

6:04am - I jump in an ice cold shower for 3 minutes.  Now I know I can get through anything the day has to throw at me! An ice cold shower is great for the body, but even better for the mind!

6:08am- Grind coffee beans and make AMAZING chemex coffee while listening to praise and worship music

6:20am - Sit in quiet for 5 minutes just listening (most important 5 min of my day!)

6:25am - Read something in the bible or a devotional, something that puts me in the frame of mind of gratitude from God 

6:35am- Journal. I write down my joys from the day before, what I am looking forward to today, what I need to work on to be a better husband to my wife, and write out the names of people I am praying for specifically

6:40am- Look at my BIG 3 - Now I know once I jump into work I will have my direct focus! 
***This is where I work on my most important things of the day for 1 hour.

7:45am - Workout (lifting weights, sprints, some type of movement activity)  6 days per week, rest 1. 60 min workout. 

8:45am - This is where I will fully turn on my phone (I keep it in airplane mode and only allowing people who are the closest to me to be able to get in touch with me if an emergency) 

9am - I am now fully into the day!!! 


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