The Only Scale You Need to Weigh Yourself On!

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The Only Scale You Need to Weigh Yourself On!

The purpose of pain vs. the feeling of regret.

There it is, the only scale you will need to weigh yourself on. There are two determining factors of personal success - pain and regret. Are you willing to go through the pain it takes to get to where you want to be or is the pain too much for you to handle, leading ultimately to regret. At the core, this is the determining factor of whether or not you will achieve what you tell yourself you want to achieve. Regret is like a present wrapped beautifully you are opening on Christmas day, only to open the box and find there is nothing in it. So much promise, leads to so much let down. 

Pain with purpose fills that box and ensures that it is never empty when you go down to open up the gift YOU have produced five years from now, three years from now, shoot one year from now!

He was just like you and me. Average, nothing about him screamed out ‘this guy is going to make it in the world.’  Six foot (with elevated basketball shoes on) and less than athletic Payton Pritchard didn’t stand a chance in the basketball world. 

But yet, his dream was to play in the NBA. A starting point guard in the NBA. Didn’t he know the stats, the cold hard facts, there were currently zero white starting point guards in the NBA. And there were only four starting point guards six feet or less. The odds, astronomically against him. 

He looked at friends, he looked at family, he heard the stories of ‘I could have played in the NFL if I hadn’t gotten injured.’ Or, ‘I had an NBA career ahead of if only the coach would have played me more.’  Yeah, Payton heard it and we have all heard it. The excuses the lead to regret are the most easily fall backs we can set up in our lives. We all think we’re not going to do it, but yet we all do it. Almost all. Payton decided he wasn’t going to let this be his narrative. He would go through whatever pain it took to reach his goal. He wasn’t going to let regret reign supreme in his life, he would take the pain. Pain with purpose.

Fast-forward to today and Payton Pritchard is one of the top NBA rookies and making a major impact for the Boston Celtics. The days weren’t easy, the unseen hours in the gym were brutal at times, but the pain of regret outweighed the pain of the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get there.

The purpose of pain vs. the feeling of regret.
Which one will you choose?


Draw a scale similar to the one above in the picture. Now write down on the left side: PAIN IN PURPOSE. On the left side write: REGRET. 

Now, under each respective side write out what would fit into each of those areas and then you decide if what you have to go through to get to where you want to get is worth it. Or is it better to live with the risk of regretting 'not doing it' 
The choice is yours and yours only! 



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