The Most Important Skill No One Knows, But Everyone Has

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The Most Important Skill No One Knows,
But Everyone Has

Hard work.

That’s the skill.

99% of the population think skills are something tangible. Something that you can see the actual improvement visually or physically.

And skills are great to have of course! I mean, after all my trade was in NBA skill development! I’m the biggest proponent for the importance of skills.

But without the most important skill, HARD WORK, none of the perceived tangible skills mean anything.

Hard work beats talent every day of the week when talent doesn’t work hard.

I was listening to a podcast a few weeks ago. It was some NBA podcast (to be honest I’m not much for listening to people talk ‘hoops.’ Probably because I think most people who try to, actually have no idea what they’re talking about) But this episode was different. Very different. The guest was Pat Beverly, former guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. Now Pat Beverly is one of those type of players who just gets under your skin; the annoying, pesky type of player who will drive opponents nuts. I always respected his grind but I was never really a big fan of his. I thought he was more bark then bite. But then he said something that stood out. He said, ‘my greatest skill is hard work.’  

Of all my years in coaching NBA players at the highest level, training players to become future multi-millionaire NBA draft picks, never once did I hear a player say ‘my greatest skill is hard work.’ Wow. I was shocked. But excitedly shocked. Pat figured out the most valuable skill anyone can possess that everyone actually has the ability to develop. That’s the beauty, we ALL have it inside of us to develop this skill, this skill that can separate us from the rest of the pack, this skill, when used with relentless consistency, can lead us to achieving our goals and dreams. No other one singular skill can do that. Hard work can.

Pat Beverly has the secret. The secret that’s not actually so secret after all.
We all have it inside of us. But it’s our's and only our choice to ignite the fuel for the fire that is hard work.


Right now, right here, this very moment write down what area of your life you can 'go the extra mile.' Where can you apply this skill of HARD WORK to lead you to a breakthrough in your life.

It could be one area, or it could be many more than one. Write it down and now go APPLY it to your life!


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