The Most ESSENTIAL Slice of Pizza You Will EVER Eat!

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The Most ESSENTIAL Slice of Pizza You Will EVER Eat!

Everyone likes pizza. Even if you’re a health nut like me, I love pizza! Sourdough pizza crust with BBQ chicken on top, amaaaaaazing!!!

The only problem is, that pizza does the trick for about 7 minutes of eating and then its done. No benefit. Just the memories of a tasty slice! 

But what if there was a pizza that could change your entire day, change your entire week, literally change your entire life??!!

There is! 

It’s call the Time Pizza. 

And I’m about to show you how to utilize this Time Pizza and implement it into your daily routine.

Let’s break down this personal-time pizza:

On average, eight hours of the twenty-four should go toward sleep. You have sixteen left; of those, let’s say you work eight. You now have eight hours left. Throw in an hour of commuting to and from work, an hour for getting ready, and an hour for eating. That leaves five hours left in your day. Any way you look at it, five hours is a lot of time. Those are your completely blank slices! You can choose whatever toppings you want. Just like some pizza toppings complement each other, your life toppings can complement each other too, allowing you to double up. You can’t double up on everything (don’t try to sleep and practice the violin at the same time, unless you are some sort of Beethoven savant or enjoy being booked into your local jail for disturbing the peace). But mixing cooking dinner with quality family time? That’s a winning combo.

My good friend Ted had an issue. His time allocation was so out of whack and he had no idea how to get it back on track and set in motion towards the things that meant the most to him in life, THE ESSENTIALS!

Ted and I looked at his pizza, we realized that by choosing a few healthier options, he could create quite a bit of “extra”time in his average day. The one to two hours he currently spent watching golf could be cut to ten to twenty minutes for updates and highlights. Boom, just like that, he created an hour and a half of free time each day. He dedicated some of that new time to helping his wife cook dinner (which she loved, as her love languages are acts of service and quality time). This helped to create a stronger, more enjoyable bond in their marriage. He realized he could “double up” on work commutes by listening to podcasts and audiobooks, learning about a variety of topics he had always wanted to find the time to study. He could set aside one day per week (usually Sunday) for a family adventure—no work, no email, no golf highlights, just time for recharging and bonding with his wife and kids, prioritizing the people who matter most.

Ted chose these four healthy “pizza of life” toppings—just four! —and they made all the difference to him and his family. Ted was a new man; he not only had more time in his daily life, it was more meaningful and higher quality time. And that’s the mindset pivot. It can be easy to wish that there were just a few more hours in each day, but that’s not a solution. You decide whats essential in your life. No one else. Its YOUR choice the toppings you put on your daily pizza!


Fill out your current time pizza below in the AVERAGE time pizza and then fill out how you want to break up your hours (slices) in your IDEAL time pizza. 


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