Interested vs. Committed

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Interested vs. Committed

Have you ever thought of what the difference is?

Interested is what 99% of us say we are, but the extra 1% (the extra percent that gets us to the full 100%) is the COMMITTED!!

And that 1% makes all the difference!

Think about it, if we just say we are interested that gives us the ability to get out when things get difficult or uncomfortable. But if we decide we are committed then we are in NO MATTER WHAT the circumstances. 

Let me tell you a quick story about the benefits of being committed rather than just interested..

One of my mentors and close friends Erik Spoelstra:

The year is 1995. His commitment was unwavering. Every day. ‘No problem’ as he was called strolled through the Miami Heat’s front office admiring the carpet, the plaques, the offices. He was 25, and about as far from being in a front office position as humanly possibly. But he could dream, right? 

You’re probably wondering why he was nicknamed ‘no problem.’  We need someone to make a sandwich run - ‘no problem.’  We need someone to go pick up laundry - ‘no problem.’ We need someone to stay late tonight and tomorrow night and the next time to put together film clips for the upcoming opponents - ‘no problem.’  Erik Spoelstra had earned, or maybe better put dubbed, ‘no problem.’  If there was some menial task the lowest person on the totem pole in the Miami Heat organization could do, you knew to ask Erik. 

Erik was asked to spearhead the project. One problem, he knew nothing (and I mean nothing) about breaking down film, editing, or even the coordination of editing. There was no actual way to make this happen unless Erik decided he was going to be 100% committed...

And the rest is history... Erik made the decision he was always going to be COMMITTED and not just interested. And making the decision has produced great fruit to say the least: Two Time NBA Champion Head Coach, Future Hall of Famer, and one of the most well respected coaches in the NBA

1% Action Step:

Make a list of things you are interested in. Now make a list of the things you are COMMITTED to. Look at this list for the next 7 days and each day decide where you want to spend the majority of your time. I have a feeling your life commitments and relationships with the ones that mean the most to you might just become fuller and richer! Try it out!

COMMITTED > interested


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