12 Week Transformation!

Transform Your LIfe Now!

Transform Your Life in 12 Weeks   

“Over the course of the last ten years, I’ve helped more than 2,000 individuals - from NBA players to finance experts and non-profit leaders - transform their lives and careers. How?
By teaching them how to become relentless, consistent, disciplined, and the same steps I have seen take 'average earners' to 'multi-millionaires.' From mid level NBA players to All Stars. 

What I’ve learned during this time is that there is absolutely a formula for success.  There are 12 steps that I have seen ensure massive financial ROI, increased production and efficiency, unshakeable confidence and drive, and ultimately leading to the success the people I have worked with have been searching for. 
If you were able to speed up a 10 year process by 9 years, would you do it? 


Transform Your Life Now!

Lets See What People Are Saying


Brandi Najm: “I highly recommend this to anybody who is out there looking for a breakthrough; whether that's small changes in your day-to-day habits or whether that’s just the encouragement and inspiration to know you can be part of something bigger and live the life you’ve always dreamt of living. This experience far exceeded my expectations, from the community, to the accountability, to being able to make changes in my life that have impacted me both personally and professionally. I cannot thank you enough, David."


Shane Youngerman: “I would not be where I'm at in life right now if I didn't get to work with you and really pivot in working toward my passion and purpose versus living life day-to-day and just trudging along.”


Will Tanaka: “Being a part of your awesome Breakthrough crew has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Growing up, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and over the last 20 years I was in the corporate world, stuck…and I couldn't break out of that mold. With your leadership, guidance and mentorship…you changed my mindset…you gave me the confidence to take that leap. Today, I'm a real estate entrepreneur, owning my own business. How cool is that?!”


TK LaFleur: “David has me thinking differently about my business and goals and is challenging me to take everything to the next level. I’m moving at different levels and paces now because of the Breakthrough Squad sessions. Thank you David!”


Manpreet Bawa: “I wanted to decide what to do next in my life and I wanted that breakthrough. David helped me in those crossroads. There are so many mentors, books, coaching programs and podcasts out there, and you can do all that. But the reason you would want to work with David, is because you would nee dhim in those pivotal moment…as those crossroads…what can I do…who can I talk to. David helps with that. Pivotal moments and breakthroughs. David is your guy."


Matt Taub: I had been toe dipping for years in making a go at what I truly feel my purpose is. David’s program “Be the Breakthrough” got me away from toe dipping into my purpose and right on through to making it happen. Working with David and an unbelievable team of leaders and life changers not only have I furthered my steps in my passion and purpose. It has made a difference in my marriage, my parenting and my life in general. Be the Breakthrough is about the long game. One pivot at a time. One day after the other, compounded, daily, weekly, monthly, which was the game changer I needed. At a 1% pivot everyday for 90 days, I can say that with David’s guidance and his Breakthrough program, I have pivoted my life at a minimum 90 degrees and that trajectory is still going. I wouldn’t hesitate a second in doing this program. Thank you David."


Ben Thompson: “I booked my first speaking engagement with over 1,300 kids and you were a big part of that. You gave me strategies, you gave me confidence in myself; your optimism just spilled through all of our Zoom calls and our meetingsIn short, David taught me how to eat an elephant....one bite at a time. My elephant was public speaking. I had always thought I might be able to one day break through and do it, but always found an excuse to do nothing about it...until I met David! He was a force of encouragement to be reckoned with! He got right in my corner, in my HEAD actually, gave me quality resources, TONS of motivation, shared his real secrets to success, sent me screenshots of his messages to new clients, told me how to do my billing, how to negotiate, who to reach out to and WHEN. David exceeded my expectations by connecting with me personally during the course, and outside the course to make sure I would succeed. By the end of the course, my elephant became a bunch of bite-sized chunks, easy for me to dig into, and I had my first speaking gig BOOKED, presenting to more than 1,200 people. THANK YOU DAVID!! I enjoyed the course, will treasure the friendships I made, I consider it money well spent, have already recommended it to others and will continue to do so in the future. I hope I can make you proud in the next 5 years as I follow the blueprint you helped me write and BREAK-THROUGH to the next level of my professional success!!

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