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David Nurse has been transforming the way hundreds of NBA stars play on the court for most of his career. In fact, his method was dubbed as training “athletes of the future” because of his ability to teach them how to tap into different mindsets and become unstoppable. He has written two bestselling books, runs a successful motivational coaching business and is a highly-sought-after speaker—hired by companies like Dell, Salesforce, ESPN and The NBA—to help thousands of employees and athletes develop unshakeable mindsets. In fact, he was recently named as one of the  top 50 keynote speakers in the world by Real Leaders and ranks as the youngest speaker on the list.

As a former professional basketball player, David’s ability to get into the zone and master his mindset led him to two Guinness World Records for shooting—a huge accomplishment on its own. In 2016, the Brooklyn Nets hired him as a coach to help players improve their shooting—they went from being 28th in the league to 2nd overall in 3 point shooting. In total, David has worked with over 150 NBA players whose contract earnings amount to 3.2 billion.

Today, CEOs and professional athletes hire David for his award-winning strategies and infectious positivity. His two books, Pivot & Go and #1 Amazon Best Seller on the Day of Release Breakthrough, have helped thousands develop confidence and find success; and its teachings are also at the very core of his virtual coaching business, online workshops and corporate speaking. He resides in Marina del Rey with his incredibly talented wife, actress Taylor Kalupa. When he’s not traveling the world inspiring thousands to have breakthrough moments, he loves going on long walks on the beach with his wife.

As one star NBA superstar put it: “David is the guy that everyone needs to hire.”


Do you want a Breakthrough in your life? 


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If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have come to the right place!


Highlights of 2021

  • The youngest speaker named to the Top 50 Keynote Speakers Worldwide (Real Leaders)
  • Topped the Charts with new book Breakthrough- Amazon #1 New Release
  • Landed an entire episode featuring a 'Day in the Life of David' on a TV Series coming out in '22: COACH
  • In production of a network show as the host
  • Signed a 3 book deal with Wiley Publishing 

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