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Ready to make a change, bring your amazing ideas to life, and truly invest in your future? Apply now for the opportunity to join my Breakthrough Crew! Each session, I hand-select the next set of elite performers and make sure they have the coaching, guidance, tools, and team they need to jump into the futures they deserve!

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We are looking for people ready to make a change! Apply now for a chance to Join my Breakthrough Team!

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Your membership includes:

  • Weekly Virtual Live Tool Teaching Sessions:

    • Pivot Your Passion into Your Career: The 9 essential steps to earn a significant profit and build a legacy doing what you love to do.
    • Unshakable, Unwavering, Unbreakable Confidence: The 7 keys to relentlessly consistent breakthrough confidence.
    • Personal Treasure Map: The 5 factor formula to map your mission and the goals you need to reach your breakthrough success.
    • Time Pizza: The timeblocking technique to guarantee you make more of each hour of your day, eliminate stress, live more joyfully, and keep the most important things your top priorities.
    • Ultimate Life Daily Rhythm: The morning, halftime, and evening routines that ensure you win all day, every day.
    • BIOnic Body Triple Threat: Total optimization of the three most crucial physical components of your life – the sleep, nutrition, and workout guidance I provide to NBA players.
    • The Connection Calculator: The failproof 5-factor formula to grow amazing, genuine relationships and work in breakthrough cooperation and service.
    • The Leadership Square: The 4-step process you need to lead yourself and navigate any situation so you can lead others.
    • Creating Your BIOsphere: How to set up your physical environment and the team around you so that you can thrive.
    • The Redefinition Box: The 4-steps to detach from past definitions and harness the power of language to create your own success.
    • And several customized options to address your largest challenges!
  • Weekly Mindset Motivation 

  • Weekly Q&A

  • Weekly Peer-Leader Discussions

  • Monthly BIOnic Mastery Training

  • Monthly Millionaire Mastery Sessions

And Exclusive Access to:

  • Build Your Golden 15 Power Network Video Series: The in-depth guide to customizing my most popular networking tool. 
  • Virtual Breakthrough Lounge: 24/7 BIOnic leader community with discussions, action challenges, and additional resources.
  • Ultimate Performance Resources: Videos, books, podcasts, white papers, schedules, apps, and recommendations to take your breakthrough to the next level. 
  • Your Personalized Breakthrough Blueprint: The 90-day custom action plan to create measurable results in your life and career, including weekly review, feedback, and personalized coaching. 

Bonus! For this session ONLY, you'll also get VIP Early Access to:

  • The Breakthrough Blueprint Book: Get an early sneak peek to my newest book before it even hits the shelves--your own customized copy! 
  • The Breakthrough App: Beta test the ultimate breakthrough optimization tool destined to become an app store top-seller!

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